Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Newsletter 2012

2012 Foundation Awards Luncheon June 21st

The annual award's luncheon will be held at the Biltmore on June 21st.  Awardees include Hon. Michael Ryan, Rob Ferrier, Gary Restaino, and Judge Mary Murguia.  To purchase tickets contact the Bar at [email protected] or the Foundation at [email protected].

Be sure to donate and have your name added to the program thank you list!

AzLawHelp Visits Triple in 2012!

As the need for legal help continues to rise, more and more individuals are turning to technology and the web for help.  In the first quarter of 2011, received over 54,000 visits to its site.  In the first quarter of 2012, only one year later, the visits have increased to over 163,000.  The Foundation continues to work to meet the need, but we are always looking for a few good volunteers!  Help answer questions or submit an article and help someone in need. 

Kids Voting November Youth Poll – TEXT -
A new initiative being pursued is the ability for students to text their answer to a Youth Presidential Poll.  This polling method is not be a model of the adult election, but, will spark excitement in the election and the election process of the early polling. KV AZ is partnering with CellTrust, a provider of mobile communication security and management to assure the youth’s privacy is secure.  

Law Related Education Academy Continues to Shine
The Foundation, through a grant and in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, provides high-quality professional development trainings and technical assistance, to strengthen the School Safety Program (SSP), improving School Safety Officers’ understanding of Law-Related Education (LRE) and their ability to effectively deliver LRE classroom instruction. From July 1st, 2011 to May 30th, 2012 the Foundation:
  • Designed an Academy training schedule in consultation with the Arizona Department  of Education (ADE) that met the identified needs of Arizona School Safety Officers
  • Recruited officers, teachers and LRE experts to serve as LRE Academy faculty for the 2011-2012 fiscal year
  • Designed and conducted 16 LRE Academy training sessions for the 324 Academy registrations of School Resource Officers
  • Compiled and analyzed assessments from the LRE Academies
  • Provided phone and email-based technical assistance to School Safety Officers
  • Conducted 5 site visits
  • Provided School Safety Officers technical assistance as they visited and checked out materials from the Foundation Law Library and ADE’s Clearinghouse
  • Updated the LRE Academy website and other relevant websites utilized by the officers

 Five Year Strategic Fundraising Plan 

The Foundation received eight responses to the request for a Strategic Fundraising Plan proposal.  The review committee (Diane D’Angelo, Rick D’Bruhl, Tom Giallanza, Todd Lang, Ann Leslie, Meredith Peabody, John Phelps, Marissa Theisen, Hon. Roxanne Song Ong, Kevin Ruegg, Lara Slifko, and Julie Wilson,) ranked each response and interviewed the top two proposals. After the interview process the strengths and weaknesses of each interviewee were compiled with feedback from those participating in the interviews. The Foundation Executive Committee considered the candidates and submitted feedback before choosing Dennis Dorgan to prepare the Foundation’s Strategic Fundraising Plan. Dennis Dorgan has provided training, information, and consulting help to local legal service programs, bar foundations or coalitions of program for the past twenty years. A conservative estimate is that his efforts have generated over $20,000,000 in new funding for these programs. Mr. Dorgan has signed a contract and will begin working with the Foundation the first part of June.

Xavier College Prep Named  State Mock Trial Champions

With Xavier and Brophy High Schools taking first and second place, Arizona School for the Arts won 3rd and St. Gregory High School was the 4th place winners of the 2012 Arizona Mock Trial Competition. The Arizona Association of Defense Counsel contributed $1,000 in scholarships to the following outstanding student attorneys: $500 to Scott Jones, Arizona School for the Arts; $300 to Blake Tonn, Brophy; and, $200 to Ariana Luna from Xavier West.  This year the Mock Trial volunteers recognized the most outstanding individual performance in the championship round with a special award in honor of Justice Michael D. Ryan, a long standing volunteer of Mock Trial, to Shelby Clark of Xavier North. This year’s Court Artist Contest winner was Amy Silagy from Mountain Ridge High School.  The students and teachers were joined by 75 volunteers to make the State Competition possible.


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