Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Newsletter 2012

2012 Foundation Awards Luncheon June 21st

The annual award's luncheon will be held at the Biltmore on June 21st.  Awardees include Hon. Michael Ryan, Rob Ferrier, Gary Restaino, and Judge Mary Murguia.  To purchase tickets contact the Bar at or the Foundation at

Be sure to donate and have your name added to the program thank you list!

AzLawHelp Visits Triple in 2012!

As the need for legal help continues to rise, more and more individuals are turning to technology and the web for help.  In the first quarter of 2011, received over 54,000 visits to its site.  In the first quarter of 2012, only one year later, the visits have increased to over 163,000.  The Foundation continues to work to meet the need, but we are always looking for a few good volunteers!  Help answer questions or submit an article and help someone in need. 

Kids Voting November Youth Poll – TEXT -
A new initiative being pursued is the ability for students to text their answer to a Youth Presidential Poll.  This polling method is not be a model of the adult election, but, will spark excitement in the election and the election process of the early polling. KV AZ is partnering with CellTrust, a provider of mobile communication security and management to assure the youth’s privacy is secure.  

Law Related Education Academy Continues to Shine
The Foundation, through a grant and in partnership with the Arizona Department of Education, provides high-quality professional development trainings and technical assistance, to strengthen the School Safety Program (SSP), improving School Safety Officers’ understanding of Law-Related Education (LRE) and their ability to effectively deliver LRE classroom instruction. From July 1st, 2011 to May 30th, 2012 the Foundation:
  • Designed an Academy training schedule in consultation with the Arizona Department  of Education (ADE) that met the identified needs of Arizona School Safety Officers
  • Recruited officers, teachers and LRE experts to serve as LRE Academy faculty for the 2011-2012 fiscal year
  • Designed and conducted 16 LRE Academy training sessions for the 324 Academy registrations of School Resource Officers
  • Compiled and analyzed assessments from the LRE Academies
  • Provided phone and email-based technical assistance to School Safety Officers
  • Conducted 5 site visits
  • Provided School Safety Officers technical assistance as they visited and checked out materials from the Foundation Law Library and ADE’s Clearinghouse
  • Updated the LRE Academy website and other relevant websites utilized by the officers

 Five Year Strategic Fundraising Plan 

The Foundation received eight responses to the request for a Strategic Fundraising Plan proposal.  The review committee (Diane D’Angelo, Rick D’Bruhl, Tom Giallanza, Todd Lang, Ann Leslie, Meredith Peabody, John Phelps, Marissa Theisen, Hon. Roxanne Song Ong, Kevin Ruegg, Lara Slifko, and Julie Wilson,) ranked each response and interviewed the top two proposals. After the interview process the strengths and weaknesses of each interviewee were compiled with feedback from those participating in the interviews. The Foundation Executive Committee considered the candidates and submitted feedback before choosing Dennis Dorgan to prepare the Foundation’s Strategic Fundraising Plan. Dennis Dorgan has provided training, information, and consulting help to local legal service programs, bar foundations or coalitions of program for the past twenty years. A conservative estimate is that his efforts have generated over $20,000,000 in new funding for these programs. Mr. Dorgan has signed a contract and will begin working with the Foundation the first part of June.

Xavier College Prep Named  State Mock Trial Champions

With Xavier and Brophy High Schools taking first and second place, Arizona School for the Arts won 3rd and St. Gregory High School was the 4th place winners of the 2012 Arizona Mock Trial Competition. The Arizona Association of Defense Counsel contributed $1,000 in scholarships to the following outstanding student attorneys: $500 to Scott Jones, Arizona School for the Arts; $300 to Blake Tonn, Brophy; and, $200 to Ariana Luna from Xavier West.  This year the Mock Trial volunteers recognized the most outstanding individual performance in the championship round with a special award in honor of Justice Michael D. Ryan, a long standing volunteer of Mock Trial, to Shelby Clark of Xavier North. This year’s Court Artist Contest winner was Amy Silagy from Mountain Ridge High School.  The students and teachers were joined by 75 volunteers to make the State Competition possible.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Newsletter and End of Year Report

2011 Marks Fourth Year of Foundation's Five Year Strategic Plan

Highlights in the End of Year Report include:

  • Staff almost doubling the amount of technical assistance provided to the community from 2010
  • Hosting the National Mock Trial Championship in Phoenix last May
  • Kids Voting Arizona hosted two elections for Mayoral run-off and Senate Recall
  • Grew the Next Generation of Fellows Program from 33 in 2010 to 65

Smart Betty Partners with the Foundation to Help Raise Funds!

Smart Betty, a group that offers deals and discounts much like the Groupon site, but 10% of your purchase goes to the non-profit has partnered with the Foundation and several other local non-profits to help raise funds. For more information you can visit .

Grantee Spotlight:  Community Legal Services ED Honored by President Obama

Please join us in congratulating Lillian O. Johnson, Executive Director of Community Legal Services, on her selection as a White House “Champion of Change” as part of President Obama’s Winning the Future Initiative. Lillian will be honored in October at the White House during a series of special events and activities.
Lillian is being honored for her professional life-long dedication to closing the justice gap in America. She began her legal career as a Staff Attorney at the Legal Assistance Foundation in Chicago after receiving her J.D. from University of Chicago. Lillian came to Community Legal Services in Arizona almost 30 years ago.

LegalLearn - Modest Means Program Continues to Grow

2011 was only the second full year for the Legal LEARN Contact Center and Modest Means program, and the program continues to grow faster than we could have imagined. The Legal LEARN Contact Center 800 numbers received a total of 18,387 phone calls, which is an increase of 6,247 calls over 2010.

1,145 Bankruptcy Hotline
17,242 for Legal Information

The majority of the Legal Information callers had questions answered via the automated messages, but 888 callers (22% increase over 2010) sought assistance by talking with staff and volunteers.

651 individuals used the Modest Means program to find a participating lawyer who had agreed to see them for the reduced rate of $75 per hour. This is an increase of 174 people from 2010.

In 2011, over 421,000 unique visitors sought information from the websites: and A comparison to 2010 is not available as we updated our analytics and the numbers are not comparable. The questions submitted also saw a large increase. Almost 4,000 legal questions were received through the websites.  In 2010 this total was just over 2,600. The continual increase in numbers is a great concern, as we need more volunteers to assist in answering the growing number of questions. The top topics searched on the websites include: 1)Family & Children, 2) Housing, 3) Court Information, 4) Your Rights, 5) Criminal Law, 6) Public Benefits, and 7) Consumer.

Foundations for Justice New CLE's Begin April 2nd

The State Bar of Arizona will once again be hosting the Foundations for Justice CLE series.  The series provides a basic understanding of many of the Modest Means Project's areas of law.  The series also includes the Modest Means Ethics CLE required to become a Modest Means attorney.  To find out more and sign up:

Connecting with Classrooms

Connecting with Classrooms is an Arizona Supreme Court sponsored program that partners Arizona teachers with Arizona judges and attorneys providing students the opportunity to learn from professionals working in the field of law. To help celebrate the Centennial, 50 classrooms have signed up for the program.  Grades range from 5th all the way to seniors in high school.  Legal professionals are provided 8 differenct lessons created by Arizona educators, the Arizona Supreme Court and the Foundation specifically for the Connecting with Classrooms program.  To participate and help implement one of these fun lessons in a classroom, register at

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Foundation's End of Fall Newsletter

Cy Pres Award Benefits Legal Services

Recently Hyung Choi, from the law firm Choi and Fabian, designated a cy pres award to the Foundation. The award, for over $32,000, will help assist legal services in Maricopa county. To find out more about cy pres or having a presentation at your firm contact the Foundation!

What to Get the Person who has Everything?
Front of card that will be sent
Donate to the Foundation in their name! The Foundation will send them a lovely card acknowledging your generous gift in their honor.

Your donation is tax-deductible - thus helping ease your taxes and your shopping list!

Visit our website at Donate Now Give the gift of 'justice for all.'

ICivics Promotion
The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education and the Arizona Supreme Court in partnership with and McDonalds is working to increase middle school students’ knowledge of the 3 branches of government by encouraging participation on The Foundation hopes to reach out to 300 middle schools expanding the education of over 9,000 students. Students who log a total of 200 minutes on icivics will receive an award coupon for a "free fruit smoothie" from McDonald's. Teachers will have chances to win prizes valued at $250 for their classroom and are automatically registered to take part in "Connecting with Classrooms" project, another partnership initiative with the Arizona Supreme Court, the Foundation, and the State Bar of Arizona. Teachers will be able to connect with a volunteer attorney to come visit their class and present on a law related topic. "Connecting with the Classrooms" will provide activities for the attorney to assist with their classroom presentation. For more information on participating in these initiatives contact the Foundation at 602.340.7366
Check out Icivics

Offer Your Firm 1-Hour Ethics CLE for Free!

With gratitude for their support, the Foundation is offering Arizona firms the opportunity to receive one free hour of ethic’s CLE presented at your location. During this hour firm members will learn about the history of the Ethical Rule 6.1 and volunteer opportunities inline with the rule. Also, attorneys will hear about opportunity to be recognized for their contributions toward equal access to justice as a Next Generation Foundation Fellow.

This opportunity is not only open to the attorney associates and partners. The Foundation board recently voted to expand the membership of the “Next Generation” fellow designation to non-attorneys who share the dedication to equal access to justice. Paralegals, legal secretaries, and others who share the passion for the legal profession can now become a part of the Next Generation Fellow program advocating for equal justice.

To find out about having a CLE at your office, contact Becky Tigerman at 602-340-7366 or

Thanks to the State Bar of Arizona for hosting the To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Showing.

In honor of To Kill a Mockingbird’s 50th Anniversary, the State Bar of Arizona held a viewing of the 60's classic at the Pollack Theaters in Tempe. The theater owners donated the theater for the October 14th event which raised over $2,300 for the Foundation!

LawForKids Turns 13!

Original Law For Kids Cartoon was born from Arizona juvenile justice reform. In November 1996, Arizona voters passed an initiative that mandated adult court proceedings and tough penalties for specific juvenile crimes. The Arizona Supreme Court saw it was important to educate the public about the serious consequences that were now mandated for particular juvenile crimes and asked the Foundation to partner with them in the creation of the website. began in late 1997 as a committee of educators, probation officers, attorneys and kids who crafted the structure of the site and created much of the initial content. Today, thirteen years later, the site is still attracting approximately 50,000 unique visitors each month. That means that kids are learning about the law, able to ask legal questions, and get the information they need. In celebration of becoming a 'teenager' the website has been updated with new features and games and greater opportunities for class participation. Check it out at

Grantee Spotlight - Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid (SALA), who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year, provides a variety of free, civil legal aid to qualified low income individuals and families. 

This past summer, a staff attorney at SALA's Casa Grande office, obtained a settlement in a divorce case involving domestic violence. The client  was involved in a 12-year marriage with an abusive and controlling spouse. The client is disabled, and her only income is from Social Security disability benefits. Prior to SALA’s involvement, the husband had obtained an order of protection against the client, alleging that she assaulted him during an argument by punching him in the face, and that she threatened to pour gasoline over him and light him on fire. At a contested hearing, a staff attorney presented evidence of the client’s disabilities - including her inability to raise her right arm - and hence her inability to assault her husband in the manner he stated. The Court dissolved the protective order. In addition, the husband had closed joint bank accounts, leaving the client unable to pay rent and bills and she was forced to move. The staff attorney also obtained an order for temporary spousal maintenance and made substantial discovery demands to which the husband did not comply. On the eve of the trial, a settlement was reached where the client received permanent spousal maintenance and an equitable division of the community property.

Sign up for a Class during the Second Semester Law Related Education Academy

The Foundation program offers a wide variety of LRE classes throughout the year for teachers and school resource officers.  Each class is aligned to state standards and provides CEU's for teachers.  To see what classes are available visit:

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Foundation Summer Newsletter

2010 Awards Luncheon Honors Many Arizona Heroes

At the State Bar’s annual convention, the Foundation honored many of its awardees at the Thursday lunch. ASU professor Robert Bartels received the Walter E. Craig Distinguished Attorney award. He is considered by many former students and colleagues to be one of the best law professors in the state and has mentored thousands of young attorneys, promoting public service to each one.

Mark Santana awardees Judge Susan Shetter and Jan Wezelman were honored for their years of service to the Mock Trial program. David Sanderson was named William E. Morris Pro Bono Service Attorne posthumously.

Dave was known for having a huge heart and a kind demeanor which provided many pro bono clients with excellent and compassionate representation.

Elvera Anselmo was also awarded posthumously as the 2010 Foundation for Justice awardee. Ms. Anselmo spent her entire life fighting for economic and social justice for vulnerable persons.

To read more about these amazing individuals visit the web at:

Modest Means Project Going Strong!

The Modest Means Project is alive and kicking as it successfully approaches its first year mark. May 20-21 the Foundation partnered with the State Bar of Arizona will be celebrating the Modest Means project with the new Foundations of Justice CLE series.

2011 National Mock Trial Competition comes to Phoenix!

It may seem like “a long way off”, but plans need to be implemented now in order to accommodate the May 5-7th, three (3) day event. Included will be an opening evening pin exchange, two days of competing rounds and a closing awards banquet, just to name a few.
There are a variety of ways for you to “Calendar Yourself In… Donate Yourself”. Designated financial donations/sponsorships are needed and can be spread over the next year and volunteers will be needed to serve on planning committees and/or the days of the event, including judges for the trials.

We look forward to hosting this event and to sharing this extraordinary opportunity to provide an outstanding law-related education program to High School students from around the country and South Korea, Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam.

Please contact Susan Nusall at or 602-340-7361 to make a designated financial donation or to volunteer.

State Bar of Arizona Honors 50th Anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird

In honor of To Kill a Mockingbird’s 50th Anniversary, the State Bar of Arizona will be showing the film on October 14th at Pollack Theaters in Tempe. The event is a $10 suggested donation and all proceeds will go to the Foundation.
Doors open at 6 p.m. To reserve a seat call Becky Tigerman at 602-340-7308.

Arizona Students Change the World at Project Citizen State Showcase!

Mesa Academy
On Friday May 7th, students from all across Arizona flexed their public policy muscles at the 2010 Project Citizen State Showcase! The event featured 10 teams of students each focusing on solutions to different problems in communities across Arizona. The tough topics ranged from plastic bag pollution to drug use near schools to childhood obesity.

Law Related Education Academy has Begun its 2010-2011 Academy Year

The Foundation program offers a wide variety of LRE classes throughout the year for teachers and school resource officers.  Each class is aligned to state standards and provides CEU's for teachers.  To see what classes are available visit: