Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Foundation's End of Fall Newsletter

Cy Pres Award Benefits Legal Services

Recently Hyung Choi, from the law firm Choi and Fabian, designated a cy pres award to the Foundation. The award, for over $32,000, will help assist legal services in Maricopa county. To find out more about cy pres or having a presentation at your firm contact the Foundation!

What to Get the Person who has Everything?
Front of card that will be sent
Donate to the Foundation in their name! The Foundation will send them a lovely card acknowledging your generous gift in their honor.

Your donation is tax-deductible - thus helping ease your taxes and your shopping list!

Visit our website at Donate Now Give the gift of 'justice for all.'

ICivics Promotion
The Arizona Foundation for Legal Services & Education and the Arizona Supreme Court in partnership with icivics.org and McDonalds is working to increase middle school students’ knowledge of the 3 branches of government by encouraging participation on http://www.icivics.org/. The Foundation hopes to reach out to 300 middle schools expanding the education of over 9,000 students. Students who log a total of 200 minutes on icivics will receive an award coupon for a "free fruit smoothie" from McDonald's. Teachers will have chances to win prizes valued at $250 for their classroom and are automatically registered to take part in "Connecting with Classrooms" project, another partnership initiative with the Arizona Supreme Court, the Foundation, and the State Bar of Arizona. Teachers will be able to connect with a volunteer attorney to come visit their class and present on a law related topic. "Connecting with the Classrooms" will provide activities for the attorney to assist with their classroom presentation. For more information on participating in these initiatives contact the Foundation at 602.340.7366
Check out Icivics

Offer Your Firm 1-Hour Ethics CLE for Free!

With gratitude for their support, the Foundation is offering Arizona firms the opportunity to receive one free hour of ethic’s CLE presented at your location. During this hour firm members will learn about the history of the Ethical Rule 6.1 and volunteer opportunities inline with the rule. Also, attorneys will hear about opportunity to be recognized for their contributions toward equal access to justice as a Next Generation Foundation Fellow.

This opportunity is not only open to the attorney associates and partners. The Foundation board recently voted to expand the membership of the “Next Generation” fellow designation to non-attorneys who share the dedication to equal access to justice. Paralegals, legal secretaries, and others who share the passion for the legal profession can now become a part of the Next Generation Fellow program advocating for equal justice.

To find out about having a CLE at your office, contact Becky Tigerman at 602-340-7366 or [email protected].

Thanks to the State Bar of Arizona for hosting the To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Showing.

In honor of To Kill a Mockingbird’s 50th Anniversary, the State Bar of Arizona held a viewing of the 60's classic at the Pollack Theaters in Tempe. The theater owners donated the theater for the October 14th event which raised over $2,300 for the Foundation!

LawForKids Turns 13!

Original Law For Kids Cartoon

LawForKids.org was born from Arizona juvenile justice reform. In November 1996, Arizona voters passed an initiative that mandated adult court proceedings and tough penalties for specific juvenile crimes. The Arizona Supreme Court saw it was important to educate the public about the serious consequences that were now mandated for particular juvenile crimes and asked the Foundation to partner with them in the creation of the website. LawForKids.org began in late 1997 as a committee of educators, probation officers, attorneys and kids who crafted the structure of the site and created much of the initial content. Today, thirteen years later, the site is still attracting approximately 50,000 unique visitors each month. That means that kids are learning about the law, able to ask legal questions, and get the information they need. In celebration of becoming a 'teenager' the website has been updated with new features and games and greater opportunities for class participation. Check it out at http://az.lawforkids.org/

Grantee Spotlight - Southern Arizona Legal Aid, Inc.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid (SALA), who will be celebrating their 50th anniversary next year, provides a variety of free, civil legal aid to qualified low income individuals and families. 

This past summer, a staff attorney at SALA's Casa Grande office, obtained a settlement in a divorce case involving domestic violence. The client  was involved in a 12-year marriage with an abusive and controlling spouse. The client is disabled, and her only income is from Social Security disability benefits. Prior to SALA’s involvement, the husband had obtained an order of protection against the client, alleging that she assaulted him during an argument by punching him in the face, and that she threatened to pour gasoline over him and light him on fire. At a contested hearing, a staff attorney presented evidence of the client’s disabilities - including her inability to raise her right arm - and hence her inability to assault her husband in the manner he stated. The Court dissolved the protective order. In addition, the husband had closed joint bank accounts, leaving the client unable to pay rent and bills and she was forced to move. The staff attorney also obtained an order for temporary spousal maintenance and made substantial discovery demands to which the husband did not comply. On the eve of the trial, a settlement was reached where the client received permanent spousal maintenance and an equitable division of the community property.

Sign up for a Class during the Second Semester Law Related Education Academy

The Foundation program offers a wide variety of LRE classes throughout the year for teachers and school resource officers.  Each class is aligned to state standards and provides CEU's for teachers.  To see what classes are available visit: http://www.azflse.org/academy/


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