Friday, February 24, 2012

Winter Newsletter and End of Year Report

2011 Marks Fourth Year of Foundation's Five Year Strategic Plan

Highlights in the End of Year Report include:

  • Staff almost doubling the amount of technical assistance provided to the community from 2010
  • Hosting the National Mock Trial Championship in Phoenix last May
  • Kids Voting Arizona hosted two elections for Mayoral run-off and Senate Recall
  • Grew the Next Generation of Fellows Program from 33 in 2010 to 65

Smart Betty Partners with the Foundation to Help Raise Funds!

Smart Betty, a group that offers deals and discounts much like the Groupon site, but 10% of your purchase goes to the non-profit has partnered with the Foundation and several other local non-profits to help raise funds. For more information you can visit .

Grantee Spotlight:  Community Legal Services ED Honored by President Obama

Please join us in congratulating Lillian O. Johnson, Executive Director of Community Legal Services, on her selection as a White House “Champion of Change” as part of President Obama’s Winning the Future Initiative. Lillian will be honored in October at the White House during a series of special events and activities.
Lillian is being honored for her professional life-long dedication to closing the justice gap in America. She began her legal career as a Staff Attorney at the Legal Assistance Foundation in Chicago after receiving her J.D. from University of Chicago. Lillian came to Community Legal Services in Arizona almost 30 years ago.

LegalLearn - Modest Means Program Continues to Grow

2011 was only the second full year for the Legal LEARN Contact Center and Modest Means program, and the program continues to grow faster than we could have imagined. The Legal LEARN Contact Center 800 numbers received a total of 18,387 phone calls, which is an increase of 6,247 calls over 2010.

1,145 Bankruptcy Hotline
17,242 for Legal Information

The majority of the Legal Information callers had questions answered via the automated messages, but 888 callers (22% increase over 2010) sought assistance by talking with staff and volunteers.

651 individuals used the Modest Means program to find a participating lawyer who had agreed to see them for the reduced rate of $75 per hour. This is an increase of 174 people from 2010.

In 2011, over 421,000 unique visitors sought information from the websites: and A comparison to 2010 is not available as we updated our analytics and the numbers are not comparable. The questions submitted also saw a large increase. Almost 4,000 legal questions were received through the websites.  In 2010 this total was just over 2,600. The continual increase in numbers is a great concern, as we need more volunteers to assist in answering the growing number of questions. The top topics searched on the websites include: 1)Family & Children, 2) Housing, 3) Court Information, 4) Your Rights, 5) Criminal Law, 6) Public Benefits, and 7) Consumer.

Foundations for Justice New CLE's Begin April 2nd

The State Bar of Arizona will once again be hosting the Foundations for Justice CLE series.  The series provides a basic understanding of many of the Modest Means Project's areas of law.  The series also includes the Modest Means Ethics CLE required to become a Modest Means attorney.  To find out more and sign up:

Connecting with Classrooms

Connecting with Classrooms is an Arizona Supreme Court sponsored program that partners Arizona teachers with Arizona judges and attorneys providing students the opportunity to learn from professionals working in the field of law. To help celebrate the Centennial, 50 classrooms have signed up for the program.  Grades range from 5th all the way to seniors in high school.  Legal professionals are provided 8 differenct lessons created by Arizona educators, the Arizona Supreme Court and the Foundation specifically for the Connecting with Classrooms program.  To participate and help implement one of these fun lessons in a classroom, register at


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